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G-meter, 0-60 & 1/4 mile drag

8 usd

Want to measure your car's 0-60 MPH automatically while you drive with no start or stop buttons? Plus an easy to look at speedometer display?Want to see what your 1/4 mile drag time and trap speed will be at the strip just based on your 0-60?
+ Bonus Power to Weight Ratio Calculation based on your 0-60 data! (in HP/ton)
The G-meter, 0-60 & 1/4 mile drag App is a very easy to use measuring app for 0-60 time and estimated 1/4 mile and trap speed. No data needs to be known about the vehicle itself! Just turn on and drive!
Once you come to a stop the timer will be ready for takeoff. Once you start moving again, the timer is activated and it stops once you hit 60 MPH. This is all done automatically with no buttons!!!
+ easily used as a GPS SpeedometerNo ads!
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